Early College


All International High School students are invited to participate in our 5th Year Early College Program. It provides students with an opportunity to obtain both a high school diploma and an Associates Degree or transferable college credits from LaGuardia Community College. All college courses are free, including textbooks and transportation, while participating in our program. In addition, students get structured academic support while taking college classes The 5th (or 13th year) is optional. Students who have met their high school graduation requirements by the end of 12th grade have the choice to either leave the school or to register for a full-time college class program at LaGuardia.

For Reading Comprehension, Elementary Algebra and College-level Math

Accuplacer study app free of charge

Accuplacer Reading questions, use pages 3-6

Accuplacer Math questions, use pages 9-13

LaGuardia writing test (CATW) - information and sample questions

LaGuardia meningitis form

LaGuardia application for high school students

5th year Application