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IHS Technology Department-Room 250

The Information Technology Department, "IT", refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, or the people that work with these technologies.
As part of the school- based technology group, we provide service to faculty and students. We assist teachers in integrating technology in the classroom to improve student achievement by maintaining, organizing and repairing any hardware, software and network problems as needed.
Furthermore, we also help faculty with the use of technology during class by troubleshooting Smart board problems, such as connectivity, malfunctions, and others; by helping with video editing tools software, conversion of media files, school websites file/images integration, and Google apps, such as Google drive (docs,sheets, folders, save files, upload files, share documents to groups), and poster making/enlarging documents.

IHS Technology Equipment

We currently have the latest technology available as educational tools.

  • One computer Lab equipped with Window-PCs and Mac  computers- Room 252
  • Workstations/printer in each classroom
  • Each classroom has one Mobile Carts-(30 laptops)
  • Promethean Board- fully touch (all Classrooms)
  • Camcorders
  • HD Digital Cameras
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Scanning
  • IPad Cart
  • VR Technology
  • Portable Presentation Speaker Systems
  • Document Cameras
  • and More

IHS Technology Department Online forms

We have online forms that allows Faculty/Staff/Students  to reserve our equipment. On-the-spot request are also welcome, but we prefer that the equipment is reserved 24 hours in advance.

Our Online forms also allows users to see our current equipment/lab reservations


  • IHS Equipment Reservation Form

  • IHS Computer Lab Reservation Form

  • IHS Repair Request Form

Guidelines: Internet/Computer Acceptable Use Policy

  • Submit your requests before 4:30pm. Requests sent in after 4:30 PM will not be updated.
  • Requests sent in after 4:30 PM on Friday will not be processed until the following school day. Please speak to an IT staff if equipment is needed.
  • Speak to an IT staff the following day if equipment is needed.
  • Submit your request only 2 weeks in advance out of consideration for other faculty & staff.
  • Make sure that all laptops/chargers/printer are in the cart before returning it to the technology office Rm 250.
  • When requesting that we print a document in large format please allow at least 1 business days from the day of the request processed.Send your design/poster file to [email protected]. A requests can only be submitted by a faculty or staff member not students. In Person: Please drop off your design/poster file (PDF, JPG, DOC) at the IT Dept, Room 250 during our hours of operations.

IHS Technology Blog: News & Updates

IT Members

 Xavier Sacta 1

Technology Coordinator, Xavier Sacta 

[email protected]/718-392-3433 ext 2500








School Technology Specialist, Henry Castro

[email protected]/718-392-3433 ext 2480